The Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards

Welcome to the 2008 Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards!

Who are 2008's outstanding webcomics? It's time for YOU to tell us!

The Webcartoonists' Choice Awards (WCCA) are back for an unprecedented 8th installment, and with the registration gates opening up,
it's time to sign up and start thinking about who you believe are this year's best and brightest stars of the webcomics scene.

Anyone with an active webcomic is eligible to participate, whether you are a writer, illustrator, colorist, or the all-in-one
cartoonist. Only one person per webcomic may vote, though, so if you're part of a writer/artist team, you'll have to fight it out with
your partner first (no fights to the death, please -- we're a peace-loving event, honest!).

Any webcomic that was active between February of 2007 up to the present is eligible to win as many categories as they qualify for.
Common sense rules apply, of course (a full-color webcomic can't win the "Outstanding Black & White Art" category, just like a
five-year veteran can't win "Outstanding Newcomer"), but we trust your judgement -- I mean, hey, if you're smart enough to realize
how awesome webcomics are, then you're clearly one heckuva intelligent and all-around great person.

Once you're registered, you can nominate up to to three of your favorite comics for each available category. You don't have to nominate
people in each category if you don't want -- it's all up to you to vote for as many (up to 3 per category) or as little as you want.
The choice is yours!

An excellent question! In order to register for voting privileges, please write to to request your nomination instructions.
Also check back to this website for more information, as it comes.

And for the second time ever, feel free to join us for a live ceremony in beautiful, sunny Orlando Florida during Megacon!

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