The Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards

2005 Web Cartoonists' Choice Award Celebration!
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- presented by Welton Colbert
Outstanding Comic
- presented by Brian Carroll of Instant Classic
Outstanding Newcomer
- presented by Liz Groenveld of Stuff Sucks
Outstanding Artist
- presented by Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content
Outstanding Writer
- presented by Charles Snow of Sordid City Blues

Outstanding Black and White Art
- presented by Jason Sigala of Niego
Outstanding Character Art
- presented by James Turner of Beaver and Steve
Outstanding Environment Design
- presented by Pendleton Ward of Bueno the Bear
Outstanding Use of Color
- presented by William G of It's About Girls
Outstanding Layout
- presented by Mikey Heller of Handicapped Sven and Yon
Outstanding Use of Flash
- presented by Ryan Estrada of
Outstanding Use of Infinite Canvas
- presented by Tyler Sticka of
Outstanding Website Design
- presented by Behrooz Shahriari of Acid Dimensions

Half time!
- presented by Ryan Estrada of

Outstanding Character Writing
- presented by David Tekiela of Comet 7
Outstanding Comedic Comic
- presented by Chris Bishop of Her! Girl vs. Pig
Outstanding Dramatic Comic
- presented by Joseph Park of
Outstanding Long Form Comic
- presented by Edward J. Grugg III of If Nobody Likes Me, Why am I so Popular?
Outstanding Short Form Comic
- presented by Ben Gamboa of Tweep
Outstanding Story Concept
- presented by Jason Rainey of

Outstanding New Character Design
- presented by Mark Mekkes of Zortic
Outstanding Anthropomorphic Comic
- presented by Anne Moloney of Boy Howdy
Outstanding Fantasy Comic
- presented by Andrea L. Peterson of No Rest for the Wicked
Outstanding Gaming Comic
- presented by Jason Sigala of Niego
Outstanding Reality Comic
- presented by Ryan Sias of Silent Kimbly
Outstanding Romantic Comic
- presented by Al Nennig of Tree Sprocket
Outstanding Science Fiction Comic
- presented by Shaun Henderson of Pimp Ass Mandroid
Outstanding Superhero/Action Comic
- presented by Nat Gertler of Licensable BearTM

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